Detective Pikachu – The Pokemon Movie that isn’t


Last week I took my two boys to go see the Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu, and while it was cute and my boys enjoyed it, it wasn’t really a Pokemon movie. Sure it was full of “pocket monsters,” everyone had one as a traveling buddy. But the appeal of the games has always been hunting, catching, training, and battling Pokemon… and the film itself had almost none of that in it. To be honest, this was much more of a buddy cop movie than anything Pokemon. Now I’m not saying that I’m some kind of a Pokemon purist. Fact is, other than playing the Pokemon Go game on my phone once in a while, I’m not even really much of a fan. But it’s weird going into a film with a certain expectation and coming out feeling like you went into the wrong theater. Easily the best part of this movie was the fact that the animated Pikachu character was voiced by Ryan Reynolds, who brought some of that “Deadpool attitude” to the voiceover while managing to keep it mostly G-rated for the kiddos.

To be honest, this is kind of the state of big budget movies anymore. Milquetoast, blasé, middle of the road… nothing too exciting or groundbreaking or original. Don’t go where someone might get offended. In all, kind of boring. Like I said, Detective Pikachu was cute, but for my $10 to $12 bucks, cute doesn’t cut it. Of course this is speaking as an adult. My boys would gladly spend my money to see a mediocre movie if it featured Pikachu or any other pokemon.

All in all, there’s nothing too offensive or non-Christian in this movie. It’s a light-hearted romp through a real looking imaginary world, but it isn’t much more than that. There is a theme of father-son relationship and the value of friends and family, but sadly nothing overtly positively Christian. Generally, Detective Pikachu is an OK movie for you or your kids and you’ll probably like it a lot more if you like the card game or any of the many related video games.

Be Blessed!


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