The Incredibles 2 – Watch what you’re watching!


The kids’ school year ended on Wednesday June 20th, so of course to start their summer vacation off right we went to see The Incredibles 2 on Thursday. The Incredibles is a property of Disney and Pixar, and is the story of a family of superheroes. The first film came out in 2004 to rave reviews by critics and every foster child who’s been through my household. And naturally, I loved it too. So this made our anticipation for the sequel 14 years in the making all the more intense. And in short, it didn’t disappoint.

Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first film ended with the family taking on bad guy The Underminer! In a world where superheroes are still outlawed, Mr and Mrs Incredible jump right into the fray to take on the villain. Interestingly, The Underminer isn’t the main baddie in this movie. Instead, it’s a new character named The Screenslaver. The Screenslaver uses video screens to hypnotize and control people to do his bidding. There’s a fun angle here that involves Elastigirl going out to do the hero stuff and Mr Incredible becoming Mr Mom, and baby Jack Jack developing super powers, all rolled into a film that rivals the original in entertainment value and excitement.

Parental warning – there are some action sequences that create enough tension to maybe scare the littlest of your family, and there is one scene full of bright flashing lights that could trigger epileptic seizures if one were prone to them. Otherwise, this film is a winner that the whole family should enjoy.

As to the spiritual, yes there are some spiritual angles to be discovered in this film. As with any superhero film, book, comic, etc… there is the ever present angle of self-sacrifice. There always seems to be an unspoken altruistic motive behind every superhero (well, maybe not Batman who seems more motivated by vengeance than anything else). I mean, even if you were gifted with super powers, would you really want to be the guy or gal who’s depended upon to save the day… every day… all the time… no beaks, no vacations, no rest? After a while, wouldn’t you feel like Metro Man from the movie Megamind? (For those who haven’t seen that one, he faked his own death in order to retire from the superhero game and pursue a singing career.) It takes a truly Christ-like individual to give up their own family, their own wants and needs for the sake of the greater good of society.

I think there’s also a valuable lesson in this film about how much we depend upon and immerse ourselves in our screens (phones, tablets, computers, even television). They become mass hypnotizers, sucking our attention away from our families, friends, and really everyone else. It should come as no surprise that pedestrian motor vehicle accidents have been on the rise in the last few years in the United States. People are so preoccupied with their phones that they are unconsciously walking into traffic and getting hit by passing vehicles. With that in mind, The Screenslaver becomes the consummate villain for this day and age.

Anyway, my kids and I truly enjoyed The Incredibles 2. Was it worth the 14 year wait? Sure, but I hope it’s not 14 more before we get another Incredibles adventure. So go on out and see this one with the kids. Get the large popcorn with extra butter and save me a seat!

Be blessed!


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